Wood Preparation

  • Fill any holes or flaws in the wood with wood filler. I use J.W. etc Wood Filler.
  • Sand in the direction of wood grain with medium, then fine sandpapers and then remove sanding dust with just slightly damp cloth.
  • If it will be basecoated in acrylic paint, seal the wood with 1” wash/glaze brush and J.W. etc. First Step Wood Sealer or other good brand of wood sealer. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Sand again, using the fine sandpaper then the sanding film to smooth down the grain that was raised during the sealing process.
  • Basecoat the piece with the color and brushes indicated in the project instructions. Smooth, solid coverage is required for good painted basecoats. Apply two or more slightly thinned coats for a smoother finish. Let dry between coats and sand with the sanding film between coats.