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Fired Glass Technique

This technique is easy, fun and creative and uses ordinary window glass, bisque forms and special Unique Fired Glass Colors to create bowls, plates and flat artwork for framing or inserts for stained glass projects. As the name implies it needs to be fired in a ceramic or glass kiln after the glass color has been applied to mature the product and to sag or drape the glass. I used to do regular stained glass years ago and like all of us, just ran out of time to do all the things I wanted. When I discovered this technique, I was thrilled to be able to create my designs and have them look like stained glass in a fraction of the time! Included in every packet I offer on this technique are six pages of Basic Information on Fired Glass Colors which is everything I know about the subject including product info, firing and application instructions.

Basics steps of my technique are to apply the design lines with Outline Black in an applicator bottle with a metal tip, (which leaves a raised, slightly textured surface when fired). Then apply the colors with a small brush in a "puddle, push, pull" movement, blending and shading (called "wiggle" or "pat") with just the tip of the bristles while the colors are wet, then letting the colors dry thoroughly. When dry place the glass over a prepared bisque form in a kiln or flat on a prepared kiln shelf (color side up!) and fire to the proper temperature.

The Unique Fired Glass Colors and bisque forms are available here.

Note that all the designs in my Fired Glass Packets would be great using the wide variety of non-fired glass colors available on the market today.