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Here you will find the new items I have added to my website. Please read the Details on the items for more info on each of them.








Margot's Signature Brushes used most often in my various painting techniques including my Margot's Miracle Brush.

Colored Pencil E-Packets

E-Packets done in my Colored Pencil Technique are located here.


MUDDING with Bling just added to MUD Techniques and Basic Rose DVD's


This is where you will be able to buy my books and instantly download them! Note that E-Books are not refundable. You must download them to your device in the given time noted on your receipt.


Here is where you can purchase some of my tutorials as e-packets! Note that E-Packets are not refundable. You must download them to your device within the given time frame noted on your receipt.

Fused Glass Packets

Here you will find project packets for fused glass. Colors used are Unique Glass Colors and need to be kiln fired.

Fingerless Gloves

Here you will find my Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves. They will only be listed as I finish them as they are a bit time consuming. Check back often if you are interested in owning a pair.

Margot's MUD Ornaments

I am now selling these in my ETSY store. Please go to

Thank you!

MUD Colorants

They are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Best way to color your White MUD! Introducing five colors to start!

MUD E-Packets

All the E-Packets here are MUD Techniques. Includes air-dried MUD and some kiln fired MUD projects.

MUD Prints Kits

MUD Prints Kits have been created to enhance your MUDDING experience by teaching you construction and design flow. The goal is - after you finish a MUD Print, you understand the construction and can now take the different design elements and freehand them onto what ever surface you desire! Read over the Details to see what each kit contains.

MUD Stuff

Here is where you will find all the "stuff" needed to create my Texture Painting creations.

Multi-Load E-Packets

Here you will find E-Packets done in my Contemporary Multi-Load Technique

Printed Packets

Some of the Printed Packets are on SALE!

Seasonal Designs

 Fun designs for different seasons.


Items to make your painting experience easier and more successful.


Surfaces from my books and pattern packets and Kits that contain surfaces.


Artwork is done with actual watercolors or acrylics used as watercolor.

Shaded Wash E-Packets

Here you will find my Shaded Wash Technique E-Packets


Great bargains here for a limited time.