Update 96

March 24 - I was doing yard work yesterday and thinking to myself that it was so great for everything to be nice and normal again and it occurred to me that the “new normal” I have always talked about has become my “real, ordinary normal” when I wasn’t looking! Last year at this time I was still very anemic worrying about having to undergo a bone marrow transplant, and ole' Dolly was still giving me fits after the first implant replacement. But now - she is fine even though she is a bit droopy, my blood is fine, I am in remission, I go to see the oncologist every four months, the radiation oncologist once every six months and have specific tests once a year. I tire more easily than “before” but I am basing that on a couple of years ago so am not really sure now if it is related to treatment or just plain getting older!  Biggest thing going on now is trying to lose some weight!

I still live in the present – the future will just have to take care of itself!  I make plans but am aware just how quickly those plans could change. Part of the “new normal” becoming the just plain normal. Doesn’t upset me, it just “is.”

Still trying to find just the right bra for the twins. Since one is nice and firm and the other is not it gets a bit tricky. I saw a commercial the other day for bras and it said you should not even be aware of having it on – Hmmmmmppppppfffff - What planet does that woman live on????????????  I HAVE to wear one now because ole’ Dolly is about one and a half inches lower than Polly and she is not firm. She feels just like a sixty year old boob – oh yea. She does haul up nicely, though.  Since Polly is so firm the cup has to fit her first as ole’ Dolly will conform better. I find that a lined cup works best as it has a bit of extra stuff to help the conformation occur. I am finding that Hanes fits pretty well although that is not much of an endorsement as everyone has such different bodies even without having had a mastectomy. I have been shopping at www.onehanesplace.com so I can try them on in my own home and not in a store dressing room. I figure the postage I pay for ordering and returning the ones I don’t want equals my time and gas going to the mall. They also carry other brands of undies and sportswear.

April 16 – Just came across a great new wig store online. www.wigshop.com and they carry all kinds of wig stuff but they also carry some wonderful wigs for women of color and they are HOT!

I continue to do well and am working on various projects by myself and with other artists. I have been travel teaching and getting to meet nice new people. My garden is looking good, I have lost about 8 lbs. so……………….life is good!

May 5 – This will be the shortest update in the whole history of my updates! Hurray! That means all is fine!

Saw the radiation oncologist last week for my six month check-up and he says I am “perfect!”(Remember, he really doesn’t know me THAT well!) He is basing his statement on the condition of my chest area, my heart and my lungs. If you remember the radiated areas were from up by my collarbone, down the middle of my chest, halfway across my ribs and up under my arm, back to my collarbone. The radiation was variable, meaning they were able to direct more to the areas where the two cancers had been and less around my heart and lung areas. He was most pleased and he even said surprised, that my skin is fine. He said he expected that my skin would toughen and get an orange peel look to it where they directed the most radiation. My skin is just fine. Ole’ Perky Polly is quite firm (as opposed to ole’ Droopy Dolly!) but he said that part was even way less than he expected. And best of all – if, on my next six month check-up I am still “perfect” I will graduate to only seeing him once a year! All great to hear! Hurray!  I don’t mind seeing him less often as his observations are all physical, but I am still seeing my regular oncologist every four months as he takes blood and does lots of analyzing so he can see what is going on inside. I see him in June and that will be within a month of my five year survival from the first time around. Five years – sounds like a really long time. And truly, I feel now, physically, as though none of it ever happened (except for that Evil Leg and Foot Cramp Lucinda Faye who still needs to be kept at bay. But – I am down to only having to take the Quinine twice a week now – down from two a night a year or so ago, so I feel that is major progress.)

So to recap – health is great, career is soaring, garden is blooming, I have a wonderful family and great friends – what more could you ask of life? Whoo-ee looks like Pollyanna has come to live with me now! She is joined by Cheerful Chessa, Greta Gardener, Artist Annie and the Twins who now are fraternal instead of identical! I believe I called them the Odd Couple!

I don’t even have an exciting Photo of the Week this time! Maybe next time I will have something interesting.

Take care and get your mammogram!


Margot   a.k.a  The Odd Couple, Evil Leg and Foot Cramp Lucinda Faye, Cheerful  Chessa, Pollyanna, Greta Gardener and Artist Annie. Even the personas are less this time!

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