Update 24

January 17 - It is about 10:30 a.m. and I am up and typing away here, at least for a bit. Won't overdo, just need to be up and moving around and typing doesn't hurt at all. The Twins are behaving themselves very well for newborns! In fact, I am not nearly as sore as I expected to be, probably due to the wonderful pain killers he prescribed! However, it said one or two every three hours and one pill is doing just fine so I am not in never, never land, just comfortable. No nausea from this surgery at all, none when I woke up from anesthesia and none so far. Ate fairly light, lots of fluid. Up all night, couldn't sleep, probably due to taking only one pain pill instead of two but doesn't matter, I feel just fine! Do not want the dreaded constipation to return and these Percocet pain medications are strong enough to do that to me.

Flavia quote: "Learn the language of your heart and say the words. They may mean more to someone than you'll ever know." So very, very, true! Learned this a long time ago, must practice it more and remember to actually say the words!

How nice, Dr. J just called from New Orleans to be sure I was okay since he was out of town until tonight. I have certainly been lucky with all of my different doctor's haven't I! I will see him next Friday for my post-op visit. He said as the bandages come loose and fell off they could stay off so I will have a bit more unveiling each day until I actually see the Twins, they are wrapped swaddling clothes now! A friend wrote to me after I had told her about meeting the twins and she said she was looking forward to it but would forgo the "handshake!" Got a big chuckle out of that! I took photos yesterday morning of Leaky Louise and Hard Rock Hannah as they were preparing to leave this world, will photograph the bandages today and then will keep up with the photos of the Twins as they settle in. I looked back at the first mastectomy photo and again after a couple of fills, then yesterday's photo and the differences are quite amazing. None of them are dreadful, just very different. I plan on these photos being a part of my eventual book, along with my wigs and Bald-headed Beatrice. Visuals are so important.

Okay, time to go back to the recliner, load myself up with all the ice packs and watch a movie and nap! Soooooooooooo good to feel sooooooooooooo good after this surgery!

January 18 - Pretty much slept, ate, talked on the phone a bit and watched TV. Got up and walked around for a bit, not too, too sore but I am uncomfortable. Took my pain meds, will begin to slack off tomorrow. Just realized my fuzzy brain did not divide too well. Antibiotics are to be taken 4 times a day. No problem - 4 goes into twenty-four 8 times right? So, have been taking them every eight hours. Jen just pointed out that 4 times a day is every six hours! Well………guess I will adjust that one! Obviously was more concerned about the timing of the pain pills!

Now here is a very positive thing about having no hair to worry about. I do not have the dreaded greasy post-surgery hair thing going on! Just wash over it with a wash cloth and Presto! Clean hair! Be glad to take a nice long shower again, though.

Flavia quote: "The music of life may be different for each of us but how beautiful the dance." My, oh my I do love that one!

January 19 - Slept in the bed last night, was okay, my back hurt more than anything else! Switched to Tylenol Extra-strength pills today and ditched the pain meds altogether. Had dropped down to Darvocet-N as the interim pain meds, not as strong as Percoset but they made me very woozy and I am tired of being woozy! So when those wore off I switched to the Tylenol. Hurts a bit more but not unbearable. Feels like someone punched me hard under my arms, boobs are just sore underneath and where the band of stretchy gauze is digging into my skin (moved the cushioning pads around and that feels better!). The port area is sore, maybe more from the pulling of all the bandage tape than the surgery? The port area is in a place that gets movement every time you move to do something. I loosened the edges of the bandage and that feels a bit better. By the way, none of those bandages have fallen off so I still can't see any more of the Twins that I could when I came home from the hospital!

Flavia quote: "Sometimes we want to fold up our dreams and put them away. Then, from somewhere inside there comes a song of courage and we know we can never give up." I must keep that one posted where I can read it each day!

Hospital called to see how I was doing; I really appreciate that little extra. Very comforting.

Pretty much slept (only the morning), ate, talked on the phone a bit and watched TV. Plan on being up a lot more tomorrow. Very tired of doing nothing. Boring!

Well, this part is pretty uneventful, isn't it? Not complaining, mind you, but just feel more like I fell down a flight of stairs and got banged up than I had an operation that involved so much cutting and stitching! Very good news.

January 20 - Tried to sleep in the bed last night but had to get up and go back to the recliner. Fells better on my back and hips and also on my chest when everything is not stretched out there by laying flat on my back. Tylenol seems to be doing okay. Not ready to run a marathon but feel pretty darn good for someone who had just had surgery! Believe I will tackle a walk tomorrow! I will stick to the house and garden today.

Hair report - still only about ¼" long but filling in quite well. Very dark! Soft, too, the bristly area is gone. Looks half hair and half downy stuff to me. And, straight as a board! I'm beginning to despair of getting the curly red hair I ordered! Other areas remain the same.

Flavia quote: "To believe in yourself is to set your spirit free.'

Just had one of those "moments" in time. Was standing out on the patio with my face to the sun soaking up some vitamin D and realized that for the first item in a very long time I could see my own eyelashes surrounding my eyes! That, of course, brought on the tears and then I had these sparkly halos all around my eyes with the tears that were caught in the eyelashes! I just stood there in the sun's rays and silently wept. This was proof that some things will indeed, be the "same" again! Lots of things won't, but eyelashes and hair will be the same and will make me look like a normal person again!

Slept most of the afternoon, but a nice normal healing sleep, not the drug induced kind that leaves you feeling so yukky.

Managed to straighten up the house a bit today and that was it. That old tired stuff is back for a while I guess. It can't stay long this time though, I have things to do!

January 21 - What a day! Slept part of the night in the recliner but my back and hips were screaming so I moved to the bed and actually ended up on my right side! Got up and decided the tape had to go. I ended up removing all the swaddling clothes and the Twins look pretty darn good considering there is still a lot of swelling and I have magic marker lines drawn all over! All the steri-strips are still in place but I can see that there are six cuts, two in the original mastectomy scars for the implants, two small ones under each "breast" where it looks like the liposuction wand went in, an extra one on the left "breast" to remove one of the "extra nipples", looks like the other one was taken off at the implant incision, and finally the port removal incision. Extra set of boobs are gone from under my arms, an eight inch, very back and blue area is on each side instead! Feel much better without all the pulling from the tape. I am very sore but not enough to hamper any movement.

Went for a walk with Harold, then got ready and he took me to the grocery store. Chatted with the pharmacy gals and introduced the Twins (they read the journals, too), and did my shopping. Came home, put the groceries away and sat out on the patio for an hour or so because I was a little tired and sore. Made baked ziti, garlic bread and salad for dinner, rested again, did the dishes, did some drawing, did some painting and now am ready for bed. Tired, but just normal tired, after a full day, not "sick" or surgery" tired! Harold is working nights tonight so I get the bed all to myself. The whole point of that paragraph is that it is only the fifth day after surgery and I am feeling sooooooo good! I hope I improve this fast each day, as I will be back in action in no time. Are you impressed????????? I certainly am - this part is a piece of cake compared to all the other stuff! The body is such an amazing thing!

Harold was sitting next to me in the sun today and asked me if those were my own eyelashes! They are actually visible with mascara on and they are all along my eyelid, not just in patches. Not very thick yet but no bare areas! Hurray!

January 22 - A perfectly normal day - up at 6:00 a.m., walked, worked all day at various things, made dinner, cleaned up………………lovely!

January 23 - Just back from Dr. J's (sounds a bit like a nightclub, doesn't it!) and I am doing just fine. Still sore and black and blue, but that abates more with each passing day. No driving for another week, light gardening, no pushing and pulling so Harold will have to vacuum for another week! Supposed to still take it easy……… Moi??????? Stitches will come out next Friday. That will be my last appointment until the nipple reconstruction! I won't know what to do when I don't have to plan my week around going to a doctor! Still a good bit of swelling, he said it would be some months (maybe as much as six!) before everything is the way it will look permanently. I have to do an "exercise?" for another week. I must pull up on the skin and then push down on the implant. Feels a bit odd but doesn't hurt. Speaking of feeling, they now feel quite "real", pretty much feel like firm skin. I think if someone bumped into me though, they would think I had on a bra, they are not that soft! They are very rounded and will stay that way. I don't look like I have the boobs of a twenty-five year-old (no conical shape anywhere to be found!), but I didn't look like that before all this either! I still have wide boobs but that is what I had before so I am beginning to look fairly "normal" again. Today, out in public, I have on a thin flowered, lace-trimmed shirt - the first time since last August that I have not added a cover jacket of some kind to hide the lumps and bumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is indeed progress!

Dr. J gave me all my "warranty" cards and explained the guarantee that comes with my new McGHAN 363LF's! Even have the reference and lot numbers! They are described as: [Style 363 - Biocell Textured shell surface, anterior diaphragm valve, moderate height, full projection. Style 363 has a ptotic (closest definition I could find in the dictionary is ptosis which means sagging of an organ) shape to match an existing beast in unilateral reconstruction. They are saline filled and are constructed from Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) silicone elastomer, made of polydimethylsiloxane.] They are referred to as "devices." Devices!!!!!!!!!!! Now, go ahead and ask me why I refer to them as "boobs" instead of "breasts"!!!!!!! A good thing though with my new "devices", unless there is a problem they are mine forever - I will not have to have them changed out after ten or fifteen years as I had read. That was very good news and…… they are guaranteed for life! Ahhhhhhhhhh…………..technology!

Off to buy new bedroom furniture this afternoon and then on to Wings tonight! Watch out world………….I'm back!

I must add that I have been getting cards in the mail congratulating me on the arrival of the twins! Of course, everyone identifies them on the card as Polly and Dolly. One friend even altered the card to read the arrival of your "boobies" instead of "babies"!!!!!! What a hoot!



Photo this week is of Nurse Martha (my sister) as you have all heard me refer to her in my updates. Such a blessing she was with her spending so much time with me going to all my initial appointments, her knowledge not only of medicine but also of who were the "good" doctors! She is some "sexy mama" isn't she!


As always, love and good health to all of you!

Margot - definitely Perky Polly!

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